Champlain, Samuel de

Champlain, Samuel de
(ca. 1567-1635)
   Called the father of New France, samuel de Cham-plain was born in Brouage, but little is known of his early years before 1603. After probably studying cartography, he became a naval captain and, in 1603, made his first visit to North America. He explored the area of the St. Lawrence River in canada during his first visit. Upon returning to France, he published his account (Des Sauvages) of that journey and then, in 1604, made his second exploratory expedition to the area. At that time, he explored a region south of Canada (Acadia) and established a French colony. Champlain left, but in 1607, made his third visit and at that time established a trading post that was to become Quebec. in 1612, he was made lieutenant of the viceroy of New France. In 1613, he explored the area of the Ottawa River. Champlain had already (1608) allied himself and his men with the Algonquian and Huron Indians in their conflict with the Iroquois. Much of the time, Champlain, when not exploring in North America or organizing the French colony there, was in France, raising funds for that enterprise. In 1629, when British privateers took Quebec, Champlain was taken prisoner to England, where he was held until 1632. In 1633, he returned to New France, after the Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye restored Quebec to France. Champlain accomplished much during his career. He produced the first accurate chart of the Atlantic coast from Newfoundland to Cape Cod, and made maps of the St. Lawrence River valley and the Great Lakes basin. He also published accounts of the indigenous peoples and helped to establish the basis for the French Empire in North America.

France. A reference guide from Renaissance to the Present . 1884.

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